Inlaws & Outlaws is the documentary about marriage (gay, straight, interracial) made by Seattle filmmaker Drew Emery, which had its official premiere at the the 2005 Seattle International Film Festival. Since then, the film's had an amazing ongoing life as a unique tool in the fight for marriage equality. From the official press release:

Inlaws & Outlaws has been credited with changing minds about marriage equality from coast-to-coast, seen at community screenings in churches, schools, and indie theatres from Maine to Oklahoma to Washington. Now, on the eve of a national election and four statewide votes that could dramatically impact the momentum of the marriage equality movement in the U.S., the award-winning film has been picked up for broadcast on public television stations nationwide beginning this fall.

The Seattle broadcast of Inlaws & Outlaws happens tonight on KCTS at 9 pm, and you should watch it. (And if you miss it, you'll have another chance to catch it on Sun Nov 4 at Central Cinema.)

Full schedule of broadcast dates and screenings here.