Very disappointed you didn't mention the "Are you coming?" double entendre shouted up to Glen in the guard tower.
Seriously, you guys still watch this crap?
I loved that double entendre by Glen in the sex tower. I like the couple and they should have more screen time now that McBitch is dead.
Great episode, they really need to pick up the pace in Woodbury, and be brutal about it.
@2 you are obviously a person of fine taste

can you please post a list of your approved shows?
8) Let's get back to the prison, quick! Rick decides that someone is playing a nasty trick on them (ya think?), and goes to shut down the prison's back-up generator, where he meets THE CONVENIENTLY LOCATED TRICKSTER WHOSE BEEN UNLOCKING ALL THE GATES! (We know this because he's still got a piece of deer spleen on his shoe.) Fight, fight, fight, and Rick is saved by Oscar the shunned prisoner—who also happens to be BLACK. (Hey, since T-Dog's dead, they have to maintain their minority quotas or HR's gonna be pissed!)

9) Since no one's around to help her birth that baby, Lori convinces Maggie to give her a back alley C-section—knowing full well she's going to die. Heroic, but dumb. And since she's giving up her life for the baby's, Lori thinks this entitles her to deliver THE MOST GROTESQUE AND POORLY ACTED GOODBYE MONOLOGUE I'VE SEEN IN YEARS. Seriously, that was terrible. Now I don't feel so bad about all the awful things I've said about her. Good riddance!

I thought exactly the same thing on both these counts!!!! I felt a mild twinge of guilt over Lori's death and then I realized she's STILL a terrible parent because now she's unloaded a BABY on them and abandoned them! It's like they're carrying around a bite-sized zombie treat! As if ONE of her kids wasn't ENOUGH trouble!
Admittedly I watched the last half of the episode on mute at the gym, so maybe I missed something, but I fail to see how Lori's decision was dumb. If she couldn't deliver the baby on her own, they were both going to die. If you're going to blame her, go all the way back to when she found out she was pregnant and she didn't find a (real) way to terminate the pregnancy. A crying baby during the zombie apocalypse is stupid on the face of it, regardless if its mother is alive or not.
Oh, I love Slog but not your Walking Dead reviews. You write so full of yourself. I've read other crapy reviews and all that criticism makes me think that you may just be jealous you're not being asked to write for the show. Come on! Yesterday's episode was surprising, tough, rude and full of blood. The gang is having a really bad time. Rick just lost his wife, yes, she was dumb and egotistic, but they didn't have the chance to forgive each other. And his son had to kill her! Are you insensitive? Come on! What do you want! I just want more of the show. It's good, despite some understandable mistakes. Admit it: otherwise, why watch it if you didn't like it?
If Will In Seattle is against it, I'm giving this show another chance.
So, how will the baby live? No mother=no breast milk, and I doubt they happen to have a nice supply of formula with them.

It's fun to make fun of it. And did Carl really kill her or did he put a bullet in her brain to keep her from becoming a zombie? I assumed the latter, but, like I said, I was watching on mute.
I still haven't made it through an episode without fast-forwarding through at least one meaningless, clock-eating conversation.

That aside, I liked this episode.
Now Carl can get himself some sympathy numnum from Doc Stumpy's daughter. Git sum Carl, Git sum!! good episode.
I stopped watching this show after the interminable hunt in the woods for the little girl. I just happened to catch this episode last night. When Lori came on, I said to my husband, "I hate her. I hope they kill her off this episode."
And they did! It almost made me want to start watching the show again, since they're obviously listening to my comments and fulfilling my wishes on demand.
The problem is that every time I tune in, I just cheer for the zombies. Fuck I hate that fucking show.
I like it - the show. Theres too damn few good post-ap shows that don't focus on plain gore or monster-hunt and this is, probably, as good as it gets.
Its watchable in comparison with such absolute flag waving, german-housefrau-cleaning-product-commercial-dialogue, horribly idiotic nonsense as Revolution.

So it gets my Noble TV Peace Prize for not being Revolution.
You know, if the show was all zombie decapitations, it would be banal and boring. You need the characterization and slower dialogue scenes for contrast.

It is called juxtaposition.

Although no excuses for staying at the farm for an entire season. The comics handled the juxtposition of dialogue and action much better.
I don't really care one way or the other about Rick or Laurie- but, geez- you're in the middle of a zombi apocalypse and you have time for marriage problems? This is the certainly the time to suck it up and stand by each other- but it made my reaction to Rick's reaction be "see? this is what you get for not making up with her. Way to go, asshole." I realize I am probably in the minority here, but between keeping the bait- I mean, baby- they've just made a bad situation that much worse. But I guess this is what spurs the interaction between the creepy governor camp and our prison gang. Oh, and CAROL!!!! hurry up and get back to your team- Darryl's gettin' ready to close the deal.

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