It was a good cliffhanger but one thing they never fully justified is the origins of the hatred between Michonne and the Governor, it just doesn't have the strength of the comic.
Michonne has been a bit of a disappointment so far, she is just angry and remains angry, no going into her backstory, no real building of her relationship with Rick, no showing of her deep emotional issues, nothing but angry katana wielding girl.
Still, much better than the second season and totally something I'll keep on watching.
If the zombie apocalypse ever comes, I want Glen holding my hand. Just saying.
What's up with Andrea? She's been backsliding ever since the first season. It's like the writers are trying to make the point that in the event of a zombie apocalypse, independent women (in this case a civil rights lawyer) will revert to being morons who a) need to be with a man and b) need to act like one of the boys. Where's the Andrea who thinks for herself? Where's the Andrea that thinks at all?
The best part was when you can see "Blondie McGunnerson" doing the mental arithmetic.
Room filled with zombie heads in aquariums.
Pre-teen zombie daughter kept in secret.
My former BFF hates him and just half blinded him.
Yeah, I've dated worse. He's a keeper.

And if I may reiterate your point.
NO ONE should go ANYWHERE alone.
Period. End of statement.
Letting the CHILD go down in the zombie dungeon, ALONE, just shows that NONE of those characters are smart enough to survive.

And where are all these survivors coming from?
I am surprise that more zombies have not walked into THE GIANT GAPING HOLE that is the wall-less backside of the prison.

Guv'nah, I've scouted your access point.

Well, then again, the access point to Woodbury is an unlocked office door.
I really like this season. But it cracked me up when Daryl says, "We're blind leading blind. Let's split up." Hah! I'm glad they didn't actually split up, because it always pisses me off when they do that in movies/TV. "Hmm, were outnumbered and out-gunned. The best idea would probably be to scatter so they can pick us off one at a time."
I note how the Walking Dead chitty-chat club get's thinner and thinner as each week goes by. Because everybody eventually discovers how this show is so stoooopid.
I think Carl may have to give "Jimmy Buffet" some extra-cranial ventilation. They really need to fix that hole in the screen door in the back of the prison.
Mustache Meth Man's name is Axle, I think. When Daryl gets back he going to realize "Ya snooze, ya lose" as far as Carol goes.
Carl was very smart to keep Tyreese and the other new characters locked up until his Dad gets back. They really should put Carl in charge, cause he's the best leader they got.
I love how the writers wind up knocking off yet another black man and all of the sudden, one of them says, "Whoah! Waitaminute! That was our last black man! HR's gonna freak! Quick! Find another one!"

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