Get ready for weeks of vapid discussion about slavery from film critics and other people who are wholly unprepared to discuss slavery. Reviews for Quentin Tarantino's blaxploitation/spaghetti western/pre-Civil War revenge comedy Django Unchained are being published online, and Republicans are mad as hell that we're talking about how the south was pro-slavery again. Matt Drudge sent his conservative minions to the comments of this Hollywood Reporter review, and it's a terrible sight to behold. If any reporter wants to write a story about how the Republican party is reaching out to minorities, they should be forced to read every single one of the thousand-plus comments on this thread. Be warned: This shit gets pretty nasty.

Django the movie is a cheap shot playing to inaccurate stereotypes of the old South. The movie promotes racism as a matter of justifiable payback using an historically an inaccurate storyline. I will not be buying a ticket for this movie.

I am a 42 yr old white woman who grow up in the texas. Jamie Foxx is a joke..the only black people that were ever called that name are ones who were acting like one. Then they call each othere one? that never made sense to me. White people were called honkey, by the blacks and hispanics. Did i ever get offended no. Because yes i am white. but are not the blacks being racist? affter all the "special programs" setup just for them because of their color. White american has over paid their dues on this matter. blacks and any other race need to grow up.

All of Obama's welfare programs from today are nothing more than thinly veiled slavery reparations for blacks. Welfare, Food Stamps, Section 8 housing assistance, Obama Phones and now ObamaCare.. Time for the slavery reparations to end and "African Americans" learn to work again. The free ride on this honky's back is over.

Most whites call a black the "n"word after that person has raped or killed someone. Blacks are generally irrational and its getting well nigh impossible to converse or work with .


Jamie Foxx... total @sshole. Done with him, too. Adios, Jamie, killer of the white man. What the the hell do folks expect when a person like this says the things he says. This tool worships the mortal man obama like he's a god. Fine example hollywood sets, huh.

the creator of inglorious kikesters at it again! take your hollywood filth and shove it.

I don't know, why is it racist fro George Zimmerman to defend his life against Trayvon?

An aside: read the Slave Narratives from 1930s online from library of congress, most slaves adored their owners, the cruel masters they hated....slavery was wrong but these dozens of interviews are eye opening

I agree...and one other thing...Kill all the porch monkeys while we are at it....

Bear in mind that none of these people have seen the movie. Between the awful people writing about Django Unchained and all the stupid apocalypse jokes, you might just want to steer clear of the internet for the next couple weeks.