Film/TV Jan 16, 2013 at 4:00 am

Miami Connection Is the Greatest Terrible Tae Kwon Do Buddy Musical from 1987 You've Ever Seen


Two different stories about MIAMI CONNECTION in just over two months? We coulda used this one in November, Dave!
You have got to see this, everyone. Really, you must.

@1) We saw it and loved it with you!
When my buddies and I discovered the trailer for this online a few months ago, information was scarce and we all thought it was a newly made movie made to look like an 80's movie. It was a revelation! "Brilliant!" we said, "Why hasn't someone done this sooner?!", we said. Finding out that it is actually an 80's movie unearthed today is almost bittersweet; the first idea was so great that we were a bit deflated that it wasn't the real story - but at the same time this is like a time capsule, a time and place we all want to revisit that will be something other than what we've already seen dozens of times. Bring it on!!!
#1: Waa waa waa. You got the offlead, stop yer bitching.
Orlando is not 'South Florida'. And there is no actual Miami in the Miami Connection.

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