I don't care about anyone or anything about this movie, except I have such a mad love for Carey Mulligan, I'm pretty sure I would 2 hours of video of her just sitting in the waiting room at the dentist.
I'm in for the orange cat, and Carey Mulligan.

Either of which I'd watch for two hours, although it may too bad all that other crap is draped around 'em.
Yes. Yes. I love the Coen Brothers. I am working on a scheme to marry them both. I'm not sure how this will work, but seeing more of their movies is the first step.
Clueless again, Constant. Justin Timberlake is a funny son of a bitch, which is why the Coen brothers picked him.
The Coen Brothers have never made the movie they have wanted to make. The amalgam of violence and folk wisdom in an Americana mileu.

If you want to see that movie, don't see "No Country for Old Men".

Go see "Blood River", or "The Getaway" with Ali McGraw or "Charlie Varrick" or even, recently, "The Last Stand".

SPOILER ALERT: Ooops, read a review of the screenplay, and "He loses his friend’s cat!"

Guess I'm in it for Carey Mulligan anyway.
I'm sorry but where was J.T. in this trailer? Not that I care, I just don't like being so confused.

This looks more like "A Simple Man" than any other of their films. I didn't think much of that from the trailers either. It turned out to be one of my faves.
Looks like a well-done period piece. I'll be in it mostly for the recreation of the Columbia New York studios, raging dork that I am (presumably that's meant to be Studio A at 799 Seventh Avenue, where Dylan recorded early on, not the more famous church at 30th Street, considered by some to be the greatest studio ever, which a struggling folkie would never have been allowed near).
I'm a completist - I'll watch anything that makes any reference to Bob Dylan. I suppose I'll have to add this to my list.
My star spotting skills suck, Justin Timberlake was in there? How come I didn't see him.

I did however notice that the kitty looks exactly like my kitteh, Piccolo!
I read on a different website that it will be at Cannes (which is in May, apparently) before it will be anywhere else.
And Justin Timberlake is in the trailer at about 0:40, in the studio, on the stool next to the man in the black cowboy hat.
Not a comedy, not a thriller, not a remake... I think they may be breaking new ground for their oeuvre.
Then again, I did have to promise my mom I wouldn't try to marry the Coen Brothers in exchange for her vote on R-74. I think she would've voted for it anyway, but I guess a promise should be worth something. Damn.
If this is better than "A Serious Man", I'll shoot my hat. I think it looks like it could be.
My cat anxiously awaits the release of this film.

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