One day, some future generation will look back on this event, scratch their cranial shafts with their anterior data-collecting tendrils, and wonder aloud, "What's a 'newspaper?'"

Who knew that ink-stained newsmen and newswomen would be so eager to break into show business?

In the 10 days after NBC put out a casting call for small-town newspapers to participate in a reality television show, the network received more than 150 responses from newspapers across the nation. NBC executives say they’ve been inundated with all types of pitches, from newspaper editors talking about how they are struggling to survive to newspaper staffs eager to show off their talents, sometimes well beyond their coverage of school meetings.

The Pilot, based in Southern Pines, N.C., sent a video of its staff performing a “Call Me Maybe” parody, later updated to feature “Gangnam Style” moves.

Newspapers have been forced to dance Gangnam Style while lip-synching to "Call Me Maybe" in order to survive. This is the end of an era. In other terrible news for the media, it looks like Time Inc. will make a major round of layoffs this week.