Makes perfect sense: the only person less talented and less humorous than Jay Leno is Jimmy Fallon.

Wow. The 30 Rock studio in question is TINY. I've been in it and I'd guess it holds about 1/5 of what the California's Tonight studio holds. Wonder if they'll rethink this and build Fallon something new, like Letterman has...
Paul- I'm no fan of Jay Leno, but your comments about Leno and Conan are unburdened by any relationship with reality. Go read "The War for Late Night" by Bill Carter. Leno liked Conan, but was not going to be fucked over by NBC and tools that ran it. And then NBC fucked up the changeover.
That which is dead can never die.
@2, every studio in 30 Rock is much smaller than the Burbank studio. There isn't much that can be done about that if he wants to stay in that building.
So all that drama over Conan just bought, what, three years? Was it really worth it to stir up so much shit?
I wish Conan had stayed in NYC, and that Lorne Michaels had been executive producer. He would probably still be hosting the Tonight Show.
ps: I have a silly fantasy that Dave retires in a few years and somehow sets up a deal for Conan to succeed him on CBS' Late Show. Silly.
Plenty of Democrats like Leno too but I guess its cool for the hipsters to hate on him. Personally I find them all funny, Leno, Fallon, Conan, Letterman, and Kimmel.
@8 I do like the idea of some kind of supreme fuck you of Dave giving Conan his slot.
@8: He'd give it to Ferguson.
Leno is vehemently not funny to me. Just can't stand him really. Conan is likable but not funny. Same with Fallon. Only Craig Ferguson and Letterman are genuinely hilarious in my opinion.

That said, who the fuck watches the Tonight Show?!
I predict some Jonny Stewart ending up in that shakeup.

He's hungry for something new, and others are hungry to take that anchor seat at TDS.

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