Paul you done broked ya own survey
You may be cooking the poll a bit, what with only one option being presented.
Now that I've watched the trailers: Sleepy Hollow looks like a bad, dumb show. There are lots of those. Dads looks like it makes me regret the human species.
They're both crap, but Sleepy Hollow is good-natured crap. And at least it's funny.
Dads... just.... and.... like... you guys don't even know... it's regressive on all fronts, even video games.
This is even better with only one button. But seriously, it's Dads.
Sleepy Hollow almost has a TV movie quality to it especially with the casting. Seriously, its a who's who of B and C level actors.

Dad's is dumb because on top of everything else they work at a game dev.
All I need to see is the name Seth MacFarlane to know that Dads is the worse show. Dads will be worse than Whitney, which was hideously, mind-numbingly awful and not-funny.
both shows look amazing
I think "Husbands" should get a shot at prime time.

Check it out on You Tube!!! GO TEAM CHEEKS!!!!
What the hell are you doing Seth Green?!
Where was the racism?

And @8 Whitney was not that bad, just your average sitcom not great. Same numbers as Community just not as rabid of fanbase.
I am astounded (and yet, somehow not surprised at the same time) that after watching Sleepy Hollow, Dads makes it look Shakespearean by comparison.
@13 - Ratings are a poor measure of the quality of a show, they only reflect the network's ability to sell it, which depends on far more than whether it's any good.

And really? Where was the racism? Did you watch the trailers?
Anything Seth MacFarlane touches is about as appealing to me as eye cancer. Which is also racist and sexist, somehow. Racist cancer. A tumor in your eye socket that chimp-hoots at women of color on the street. That is what I think of Seth MacFarlane's work.
I haven't watched a sitcom in at least 12's a dead format.
Times like this I am so glad I don't own a TV any more.

Sleepy Hollow looks lame, but my god, Dads looks truly horrifying. Chinese schoolgirl jokes? Really? Ugh.
Didn't watch either trailer, didn't need to before voting. Sometimes all the evidence you need is...

Seth MacFarlane-produced white-dudes-behaving-badly sitcom
Dads. Oh. My.
Video game company (a TV first) and Seth Green? Feh. No contest, that one gets too many extra awesome points.
"Dads" looks like possibly the worst thing ever made ever by anyone anywhere. And he really sucks at naming things, too.
Both are bad. End of discussion for me.
Seth already created three of best things that have ever been on television. Family Guy, American Dad, and The Cleveland Show. Besides South Park who else is brave enough to do jokes about drunk Indians, Asian drivers, and AIDS. Everything he touches is gold.
I've never fucking understood laugh tracks. How they were ever thought to be even a decent idea on any level, let alone survived for as long as they have. I read a great review of one of those awful modern day "spoof" movies ('Scary Movie' or one of those utterly forgettable, interchangeable cash cows) and one of the DVD specific "special features" was a version of the movie with an overdubbed laugh track. The reviewer honestly figured that this was due to the jokes being so awful that there might be confusion as to when people were supposed to be feeling entertained.
@25, you forgot repeat projectile vomiting at the very thought of anything transgender. Which is, in retrospect, a Crying Game joke, but not really very funny.
How does dads take such a good cast and waste them with such horrible dialogue? That show should be used in some kind of hollywood writing scared-straight program.
I couldn't even finish watching the Dads trailer is was so horrible
I found Dads, to be hilarious, I think America will too. I'll add it to my current list of comedies, Big Bang Theory, Community, Arrested Development, and Modern Family.
@ 16 I did cmon a Chinese schoolgirl joke is not racism unless one is super sensitive like many people here seem to be. The left is right on a lot of things but needs to lighten up at time.
@ 16 I agree ratings aren't perfect but that how TV shows are measured right now.
I love all those Dads actors but my god that is the most unfunny thing I've seen in a long time.
I have to assume that Green and Ribisi are appearing in Dads in lieu of serving time.

"So what will it be, either 5 years at Lompoc or 8-episodes of a MacFarlane sitcom?"
"No, Seth."
Mind you, I love McFarland, and I'm planning on being a regular at his ice water bar in Hell when we get there...but I think "Dads" was a result of a bet McFarland & Green made to see just how low they could go and still get greenlit and air time based on just their names.

And as for Sleepy Hollow? Depp did it better.

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