wasn't he king of the necromongers at the end of the last one?
Coming soon . . . too soon.
"Pitch Black" was cute, stupid fun. "Chronicles of Riddick" was a strong contender for the worst movie I have ever paid money to see in a theater. Fool me once...
I saw a brief shot of a Furyan wonder-pooch, so I'm in. Those were the best part of the Chronicles of Riddick.
"So watch out for surprise attacks." Well, the writing is awesome.

Looks like the company charged with making that trailer had very little finished footage to stretch into a two-and-half-minute deliverable.
I walked out of the theater feeling like I'd enjoyed "Chronicles of Riddick," but I had no idea what, if anything, the plot was about. And for the life of me I couldn't tell you a single thing that happened in that film, now, except the scene where he kills a guy with a tin cup.

I sorta assumed it was aimed at people who had read the books, which I hadn't.
Vin Diesel is actually a gigantic D&D nerd, and a remarkably well-spoken dude. Shame he stars in such consistently shitty movies.
Where is the poll option for "I am really excited for how gloriously bad this is going to be and I cannot WAIT to see it"?

Vid Diesel was in Saving Private Ryan, so not everything he touches turns to shit.
This movie franchise is venerated by my in-laws like Star Trek or Star Wars are by most mainstream nerds. I can't explain it, but it's true. That being the case, I expect to be hearing many a rant about how it's bullshit that Riddick isn't emperor of the Necromongers for this film (even though that would make this film a totally different tone than the rest of the series). Wikipedia says that Karl Urban should be in this reprising his role from Chronicles, but I don't see him anywhere here.

@7: I actually consider that an extra layer of enjoyment when watching his movies, knowing that the characters he plays onscreen are about as far away from his real-world personality as they could be.
I love this series. Read the sick, sick Freudian subtext. Read it.
ditto what @6 said. I love Vin Diesel. I won't see it in the theater but it'll be entertaining when it gets to streaming.
Vin Diesel is just killing time until he gets the role he was born to play: a live-action version of Charlie Brown.
I liked Chronicles for the worldbuilding.
I'm in the same boat as others: I liked Pitch Black and hated Chronicles. This looks like a return to Pitch Black - almost as if they're ignoring the second movie. I'm willing to give it a chance.

As an aside: the animated short film and video game based on the movies were also pretty good. Fuckin' Chronicles, man...
This looks like a Pitch Black redux.
Yea, wasn't he a king the last movie? What the hell. Also, the aliens look a lot like... well, Aliens. I hate to say it but I doubt I'll be seeing this load of dog feces...
I liked both movies, but I saw them on cable, so my expectations were not high. I was disappointed when I found out the character was based on a game, because I wanted to read the books!
Re: King of the Necromongers- Either this is a prequel or they'll just gloss over him doing something like Riddick-esque like killing every single Necromonger.

Re: Pitch Black being better than Chronicles- Aesthetic judgments are inherently subjective, but you all have terrible taste. Chronicles of Riddick was a masterpiece of space fantasy. That final shot of Riddick on the throne with the only person he ever loved dead by his side...I get chills just thinking about it.

Haven't seen the movies, but the Chronicles of Riddick was an improbably good video game.

I do like Mr. Diesel; even on-screen he always seems quite a bit more self-aware than you would assume if you'd only read reviews written by critics who have 'muscles are bad' hard-coded into their rating systems.
CoR was bad D&D fanfic.
This shows a lot more of the film than we saw in the teaser trailer, very Pitch Black like which has to be good news! Keeping my eye on for more news.
This shows a lot more of the film than we saw in the teaser trailer, very Pitch Black like which has to be good news! Keeping my eye on for more news.

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