Great now I got to find a guy to marry and find some shorts shorts.
Nice show you've got there. It would be a shame if something happened to the regular host...

I hate to wish ill on anyone who's not pure evil, or at least not consistently annoying, but I love John Oliver.
Really? Jon Stewart just seems so much better, he is the Michael Jordan of hosts.
Good stuff! Though I'm still hoping John Oliver settles down a bit more. Still to "jokey". Wish he were a bit more relaxed and conversational a la Jon Stewart.
@3 Well, you can't argue over aesthetics. I like Oliver's style, but that doesn't make me right (or wrong). Just spouting my opinion.
I definitely wasn't looking for it.. but last night on my big-screen, HDTV.. everything about Jason Jones was clearly on display.
John Oliver has been doing this for what...2 weeks or so? I think he's doing great and I've really enjoyed the switch (though I still quite like Jon Stewart). And the writing remains great regardless... And is it just me or does Oliver swear a lot more?
Stewart is "Macneil/Lehrer Newshour" and Oliver is more "McLaughlin Group". Both good, just different.
I thought the AP had messed up, but the Republicans changed computer records to make it look like the bill did pass in time. That should be prosecuted fraud.
those guys are creepy assed crackers
@9: If they can prove "intent to defraud or harm another", it's a felony, under 37.10. Otherwise it's a misdemeanor, but I think proving the "intent to defraud" bit would be a slam-dunk.
Presumably that would be up to the AG of Texas. If he or she is a Republican, there will be at best a cursory investigation that can find no conclusive evidence of wrongdoing.
Of course, if the Democrats had attempted something like this, many of them would have already been frog-marched to the Austin City Jail.

Example #478 of: It's Okay If Your A Republican...

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