Yesterday, Orson Scott Card made an insane plea for tolerance of his intolerance. The reactions are flying hot and heavy:

1. David Gerrold, the author of the Star Trek episode "The Trouble with Tribbles," has responded to Card with a Facebook post:

You want me to be tolerant, Scott? First be one of those people who understands. Or to put it bluntly — get your fucking foot off my neck, then we'll talk tolerance.

See, Scott — I don't dislike you. I honestly don't. I think you're a very interesting author and you've turned out some works I admire. But you've made PR Mistake Number One. You've sided with hate-mongers. You've targeted a minority and you've characterized yourself as the righteous warrior. That gives you a short-term gain and a long-term loss. Look up Father Coughlin and Anita Bryant and Kirk Cameron.

Now you've made PR Mistake Number Two — instead of honestly and sincerely apologizing for the hurt you have caused others, you have doubled down. You have played the martyr card, arguing that you are the victim.

2. Joe My God points out that NOM head Brian Brown has sent out an e-mail that doesn't respond to NOM board member Card's calling the battle against gay marriage "moot." Instead, it asks for a lot of money, so that NOM can try to pass an anti-gay-marriage amendment to the Constitution. I wonder how much drama Card's statement caused at NOM HQ yesterday; I wish I could've seen the e-mail thread that must've erupted when they realized Card was fucking with their fundraising efforts.

3. In case you or someone you know on Facebook needs it, Rachel Eddin at Wired published a lovely dismantling of Card's plea for tolerance. It's just the thing to send to contrarians who try to suggest that Card is suddenly the victim in all this.