No one cares.
I'm confused. He was on the board of NOM, the organization that organizes boycotts against every company that doesn't hate gays, like Starbucks, General Mills, and T-mobile. Why is he bothered that people are now boycotting Ender's Game? As Anton Ego said in the film Ratatouille, this fucker needs a little perspective.
Oh shit, thanks, @1. For a minute there I thought it mattered to me. Thanks for clearing that up.
Card is an asshole and even his best book was just fancied-up juvenile revenge fantasy.

Given that, though - given, that is, what Ender's Game reveals about the bullied little boy still lurking inside its author - I do believe he actually feels like a victim, though. I'll give him that slight benefit of the doubt.

Honestly, he and Mike Krahulik of Penny Arcade have a lot in common. Both are very talented grown men who have an extremely regrettable tendency to revert to angry, troubled, bullied boys when they're challenged or criticized.

@1, thanks for that insightful commentary. Really adds a lot to the conversation!
Like I said, pirate Ender's Game. Torrent the fucker. Want to see it on a big screen? Show a pirated copy on your rich friend's bigass screen with a hundred others.

At least then Card can truthfully claim to be a victim. Of IP theft. Everybody wins.

(If you don't actually want to see the movie, then please don't claim to be "boycotting" it. That's just asinine.)
I see a lot of people defending OSC by pointing out other writers or actors are anti-semitic, scientologists, or whatever.

For me personally the difference with OSC is that I really hate NOM. I really, really hate NOM. Any small thing I can do against somebody on the board of fucking NOM the better.
I totally love Gerrold's response.

Right. Fucking. On.
I intend to boycott the movie for the simple reason that I don't see the appeal of the book for anyone over 16 or so.
I intend to boycott the movie because Card has so many weirdly sexualized images of children (particularly boys) in his books that I strongly suspect the man may well be a creepy pedophile who's trying to hide his predilection behind a wall of anti-gay hysteria.
I'm not boycotting his books. I enjoyed them in the past. However, after hearing about his comments I've lost my taste for his written word. No boycott. He just really turns me off. Reading someone's writings is a personal experience to me that requires some trust. I don't want to be near the mind of a man that needlessly chooses to be so blind to gays like me. Especially when he has to opportunity to apologize, yet he apparently defends his choice.

Again, no hard feelings Mr Card, but I'm honestly no longer interested in reading your books.
Why can't they have David Gerrold write the next Star Trek movie? At least it won't be a rehash of what was already done....
The Onion AV Club had a *marvelous* one.…
NOM donors are so stupid they think an anti-gay-marriage Constitutional amendment could pass?!? Two-thirds of both houses? Three-fifths of the states? Ha, ha, ha! If that baby was ever seaworthy, that ship has not only sailed, it's sailed, caught fire, burned to the waterline, and sunk in a circle of flotsam and oil sheen.

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