Sex-addict Ruffalo meets tiny-food-eating Paltrow.


I get fed up with movies that show the average looking guy with the hot girl. Paltrow in real life would never date an average or below average looking guy like Ruffalo. The hot girl / average guy and in some cases much older guy matchup is propaganda perpetuated by the primarily male establishment that runs Hollywood.. Most of the people that write and produce this crap want to portray the world in a way that favors them instead of how it really is. If you doubt that there is a bias ask yourself how often you see a movie with a stud leading man guy paired up with a plain girl.
Dude. What?! Mark Ruffalo is super hot.
Yeah, I'm with @3. Ruffalo average or below average? Paltrow out of his league? I'm a (more or less) heterosexual man (bisexually responsive, but in numbers that overwhelmingly favor women; I've also been married--to a woman--for over 17 years), and I'd take Ruffalo over Paltrow any day.
to ruffalo lovers - look at the guys that dated paltrow none of them look like ruffalo, lets be more specific paltrow is hot in the stereotypical way which means she would not date a guy that looks like ruffalo, you are welcome to think that ruffalo is hot , but someone that looks like paltrow would not date him, for one thing he is too short, which is fine for more open minded types but not for paltrow look alikes, thus my point - hollywood likes to stick not stereotypically hot guys with stereotypically hot girls but not the other way around
@ 5 - She's married to Chris Martin, in case you didn't know. I don't know anyone who thinks CM is hot (maybe 12 year old Coldplay fans, but how can we trust their tastes if they like Coldplay?), yet I do know a lot of people, including myself, who think Ruffalo is a catch.

That said, your point about Hollywood is valid, but this is a bad example to prove it.
Chris Martin is English... so he get's automatic +10 attractiveness for sexy accent and saying things like "lift", "jumper", and "rubbish".

Agree it's a bad example though, especially since (IMHO) Gwyneth Paltrow is fairly boring looking.
@2 Have you forgotten about Julia Roberts and Lyle Lovett? Or anyone and Marilyn Manson?
I see hot girls with physically average/ugly guys all the time in real life. That's because girls are raised to view male attractiveness as having to do with more than just physical appearance. Think of all the ugly musicians, powerful businessmen, writers, etc...who have hot girlfriends. A man can become attractive because of his power, success, talent, etc...

Do men talk about how hot Martha Stewart or Oprah is?

It's so much more rare to see hot dudes with ugly girls, because men more often than not judge women on physical first. So if a guy is hot, he's usually not going to settle for a girl who is less hot. Which is why I fucking love Hugh Jackman.

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