Anyone who's been single in the last 10 years knows that a man who looks like James Gandolfini will not get so much as a lunch date with a woman who looks like Julia Scarlett Elizabeth Louis-Dreyfus unless he finds her through the Adult Services section of Craigslist.
@1 - Stop projecting.


You confuse projection with reflection.

Happens a lot here...

I loved it too. As for the year-end bounty, I have seen only American Hustle, and I didn't get why the critics were so crazy for it. Total meh.
@3 so stop reflecting your pathetic life here, Bailo.
Stop whining about not being able to get a date.
Stop whining about your downstairs neighbors.
Stop whining about being picked on.
Jesus, you goddamn man-baby, your whole history here on Slog is pathetic.

I thought you Republicans are supposed to believe in a strong sense of personal responsibility.

And yet here you are, whining like a three year old and struggling to understand things the rest of us mastered decades ago. Way to go, Bailo. World's worst (and stupidest) republican
Enough Said was kind of a generic old fogey romantic comedy for me. The fact that James Gandolfini died during production adds an extra layer of morbidity that makes the plot seem weird and off putting.
Careful: King Bey may drop a movie on you this Friday.
@1 No, James galdofini is hot

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