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Today's featured film regret comes from the guys behind Collide-O-Scope:

We regret that 2013 saw the first legitimate North American DVD release of the treasured 1976 classic Scorchy. Why, one might query, would anyone find that regrettable? Well, one wouldn't ask such things if one purchased said DVD only to discover the title projected across the screen to be not Scorchy but Race with Death, and all of Connie Stevens's nude scenes CUT! Her infamous breaststroke/frog-style dip in Lake Union—GONE! Her soothing shower following a high-speed dune buggy/car chase through the streets of Seattle, ending in the waters beneath the ferry dock—GONE! Not to mention the insufferable cuts made to classic lines of dialogue like "You're a fruitcake, ya bitch!" or Connie's sultry witticism "Frank, what you need is a good blowjob." Thank Scorchy we still have our VHS!—Shane Wahlund and Michael Anderson, creators of Collide-O-Scope video events

For those who want a taste of what they're missing, here's the original Scorchy trailer.