I thought the season got boring in parts, and I TOTALLY agree about the Doug/prostitute story dragging on. Also, that 3 way with his Secret Service guy was totally tacked on for shock value.

I was disappointed that most of the plot threads from the first season didn't play any role this season. I am ready for Franks slow painful downfall. By the end of this season, I was tired of seeing him get away with murder (figuratively and literally). I'm with you in hoping they don't drag it on too long. I know we are not supposed to expect justice or karma in good gritty stories, but I want to see Frank rot, so there. Deal with it. A likable root-for-the-bad-guy like Tony Soprano he is not. At best, he is the guy you love to hate.
I'd like to see one of the great writers at the Stranger address how awesome it is that we have this very dynamic bisexual male protagonist in a hit series and how that fact is only one small element of who this person is as a character. As though we could have serious sexy and diverse characters that are about more than just their "non-traditional" sexual orientations. I feel like this is a wonderful development for pop culture and would like to see it given more recognition and analysis.
Such a great season for Claire. Too easy to focus on the Frank storyline alone. My dream is that toward the end of the Season 3 premiere episode SHE turns to the camera. My squeeeeee will ring throughout the land.
I absolutely do not approve of how things declined & ended ridiculously for the phenomenally sexy badass otherwise known as Doug Stamper. Even the victory rap on the presidential desk in the very last scene couldn't cheer me up from that one.
"Why are all the House of Cards journalists so bad at journalism?":…
@5, just a wonderful piece!
@3 - As FU from the British version would say "You might think that, I couldn't possibly comment."

It wasn't just a good season for Claire. There were many strong female characters all through the part. They were dealmakers and players. And the bigger male bigwigs seemed like they got caught in their own petards.

The story did tend to drift, but then, I liked the drifts. The whole crazy plot line about Frank's assistant and his obsession with the former hooker turned informant turned Christian lesbian was fascinating. And yes, another example of a strong female ending up on top.

Overall, in fact, I found it a lot less discursive than Season One. To me it felt like one long 13 hour episode. Proof of the pudding: could I not wait for it to end, or did I want more. I'll take another plate of ribs.
I have no complaints.
Glad to see there's none of the disingenuous bandwagon jumpers gushing about HOC like it's the latest Scandal here!

I too was a bit disappointed at how the 2nd season unfolded. It was bad enough that the VERY sexy Corey Stoll was gone, but some of the plot development just did not ring true. I found myself miffed at the pliable characters being played by Frank yet again, and my disdain for the Underwoods' grew more intense. And Doug Stamper's demise was not enough to brighten my mood.

There damn well better be a reckoning coming in Season 3!
I kinda like how the writers are willing to throw just about anything at the wall to see if it sticks--weirdo hacker with a chinchilla, majority whip who likes a little SM, three-way with the secret service. For a brief moment I even thought the Underwoods were gonna reveal themselves to be vampires.
@2 regarding Frank's sexuality, it's definitely something, but I think it's also important to read him in the traditional of villainous bisexual characters. He's the protagonist, but he is also a treacherous liar, and those making those types of character bi has a longer history. So I think it's muddled on that count.

On a less analytical level, I was delighted when that threesome came to pass. It'd been hinted at for several episodes beforehand, although I was thinking it was just going to be Claire and Meecham. Not seeing the "shock value". They'd already talked about how they couldn't fuck random people like they used to, and then Meecham started getting closer and closer to Claire, and then, well.
The first season had several long story arcs, running throughout each episode until the last. The second season replaced the long story arcs with a series of shorter ones, making the show appear to move faster, and requiring more (and sometimes unneeded) plots. The third season is rumored to be more like the first.

I've been enjoying the second season and have re-watched episodes to catch things I didn't the first time (certain plot nuances and some great Underwood quotes). The only big disappointment, for me, is to see the rock-solid Doug Stamper become so sidelined by his obsession with Rachel. While the story line is plausible, it feels like too much time is being spent on it, but considering the last episode...the storyline with Doug may be over (is he dead?).

Claire, on the other hand, has branched out and become a fully fleshed-out character, full of depth, elegance and complexity and she's played perfectly by Robin Wright who deserves the accolades she is getting for her performance. She has played Claire in a most compelling way and has given her an equine like grace, filled with a bedrock-like resolve.

So many of Frank's lines are tremendously quotable and his character will no doubt go down in pop-culture history as a favorite villain. Spacey is one of the finest actors out there right now and I can't imagine who else could have given Frank such life.

We will see what season three brings - hopefully top-notch writing, but we can assuredly trust that it will bring its consistently fine acting.
Mark my words: Frank did not burn his confession, even though he thought he did. That note will come back to haunt him.
maybe preznit frank will drone bomb american citizens and overseas wedding parties, secretly indict whistleblowers, run black torture sites, and start 4 or 5 wars to spice things up in season 3.

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