Well, these numbers certainly aren't promising:

The number of frequent moviegoers in the all-important 18-24 age group plunged an unprecedented 21% in 2013, according to MPAA annual statistics released Tuesday at Cinemacon, while attendance in the 12-17 age bracket also saw a precipitous drop off, falling almost 15%.

The thing that Hollywood executives are shaking their heads over, I'm sure, is that they've market-tested all their blockbusters to appeal to exactly that age bracket. Now, even though every major movie is aimed directly at boys age 16 to 22, that demographic is abandoning them.

Last week, Fox announced their next few superhero movies. The announced films included sequels to movies that haven't started filming yet, and the whole slate takes us well into the middle of the next president's first term in office. I read that news with the uneasy feeling that comes when you read headlines about how the real estate market can only climb in value, or how BitCoin is the future of money. Fox could well be betting their entire future on an audience that just won't exist in four years.