More like HBO STOP, amiright?
  • More like HBO STOP, amiright?
Last night I watched the Game of Thrones season premiere in Chicago with a bunch of nerds at a nerdy viewing party. After several trials and tribulations with HBO Go crashing, we finally got the episode to play, but I found myself getting a little frustrated about a few things. Here are the top five things that made me angry:

1.) The Actor Swap - At the end of the last season, Daenerys sacks a city with the help of Daario Naharis, but in the premiere last night, they casually swap out the actor that was playing him, second-Becky style! But since the new actor looks less like Fabio than the old Daario, maybe it's ok.

2.) HBO GO Crashing - HBO GO crashed and created an environment of total pandemonium at the nerdy gathering I was at. According to Facebook and Twitter, the same thing was happening to a whole lot of people trying to watch the show in real time. (During the 45-minute wait, everyone was anxiously wringing their hands about the possibility of author George R. R. Martin dying before he finished A Song Of Fire And Ice.)

3.) The dragons are bad actors. - Though it is hard to train a dragon. They're wild beasts, Khaleesi.

4.) Not Enough Cersei - Cersei is like an evil blonde Malificent and it's awesome. But she barely got any screen time in last night's episode.

5.) King Joffrey Is Still Alive - That kid has the most horrible, punchable little face ever.