This news will no doubt be met with cries of censorship and "Whatever happened to the 1st Amendment!" (because it says right there in the Bill of Rights that every American is entitled to star in their own reality show) and anti-Christian discrimination (because hating the shit out of gay people is something all Christians have in common, regardless of sect or denomination), but what the real story here is that we are rapidly approaching the tipping point that I've been talking and writing about for years.

Once upon a time white people used to be able to go on TV and say the most racist shit imaginable (argue against legal interracial marriage, argue in favor of segregation) and keep their jobs and be invited back on TV to say that shit a second time. Then one day you couldn't say that shit (not on TV, at least) and keep your job and be invited back to say that shit again. Opinions that used to be considered "respectable" were suddenly toxic career enders. We are rapidly reaching the same tipping point on LGBT issues. You can believe whatever you want, but you have to be careful when and how you express your anti-gay animus. Because it could cost you.

As David and Jason Benham just learned.