Eden is the sex-trafficking drama allegedly based on the real-life story of Chong Kim. The film earned Seattle filmmaker Megan Griffiths the 2012 Genius Award in Film. (Here's further gushing from me about Griffith's gripping film.)

Today brought this Facebook update from the nonprofit organization Breaking Out (bolds mine):

To all our loyal followers,

We regretfully want to inform everyone the results of a year long investigation by our highly experienced investigative unit, that Chong Kim whom has claimed to be a survivor of human trafficking is not what she claims to be.

After thorough investigation into her story, people, records and places, as well as, many interviews with producers,publishers and people from organizations, we found no truth to her story. In fact, we found a lot of fraud, lies, and most horrifically capitalizing and making money on an issue where so many people are suffering from.

We have found several other organizations, other than ours, who have been defrauded by Chong collecting money in their name, using their 501 c3 status for her benefit while none of these organizations have seen a dime. I ask if anyone has sent money or goods to Chong Kim for another organization to please contact us as we are leading the legal pursuit of the issue.

Through our investigation we have found many other good non-profits who were afraid to speak out for fear of backlash. Well, we at Breaking Out, while expecting her loyal followers to give us backlash, we have collected the facts and evidence to prove our claims. We are ready with others supporting us to take full legal action against Chong Kim.

While like many others, we at Breaking Out continue our dire work to help the victims of Human Trafficking. We do so with limited funding and we believe the despicable acts by Chong Kim is hindering and re-victimizing legit human trafficking victims. This is why she and others like her need to be stopped.

If anyone has donated any money to Chong Kim under Breaking Out or any other organization or if you have any other questions about this matter please feel free to contact us.

Here's what director Megan Griffiths said about the allegations just now on Twitter:


Thanks to Slog tipper Mistress Matisse, who unsuccessfully tried to convince me Eden was based on bullshit 18 months ago.