Film/TV Sep 24, 2014 at 4:00 am

Murder, a Black Hunk, and the Suburbs

It has nothing to do with race. It’s just a good movie.


Dear Charles,

I don't understand how it seems to have escaped your notice, but Taraji is hot as hell.

If she is "an average-looking housewife", the suburbs will never die.
Idris Elba can invade my space anytime he wants
1) i could not reveal the ending of this film. i had to hide so much. trust my description.
WTF, Chuck? I love the shit you write.
Charles, did you watch the whole film ?

The opening has the old black prison transport driver sympathizing with Idris and the fat, white guard is clearly jaded about any prisoners deserving to be let free. Against a parole review board 3/5ths white, the stereotypical black criminal saying he's reformed, been a model citizen, etc and a parole board is eating it up until an old white guy turns things around and calls him a malignant narcissist. If you didn't have the auditory clue that Idris has some rage in his mind, you'd be claiming the system was stacked against the black man.

I'm also surprised you didn't find Leslie Bibb's character somewhat relatable, being the best friend to Taraji. Maybe it was the comic way she flirted with every Y chromosome on screen ?

However, the way the film leaves no sympathetic male character alive by the end is clearly one reason it would be dismissed by critics. In that regard, it's like a lifetime TV movie plot.
Men want to ogle him too, dude! (Not sure if you're being mindlessly straight or just figuring straight/bi women = larger audience.)
"There are no white actors for a white audience to identify with."

Even in reviewing a movie, Mudede manages to insult readers.

For those of us who love film, no, we DON'T care about the race of the actor; we care about the performance. It may be hard for him to believe but it's true.
we deserve to have movies of the quality that inspire this kind of review.
The only way this is a decent movie is if the ostensible "bad guy" isn't actually bad and isn't up to no good when he (as seen in the previews) menaces the lady and her kid.
For anyone who's missed it, can highly recommend Luther (BBC), which Elba stars in. Be sure to start from the beginning.
@9, nah, the lady and the kid are pure victims. The male head of the house is slightly less so (although vigilante justice is probably Charles' fantasy experience watching the film).
@7 you aren't great at reading, dude- the opinion you're disputing here is one that Mudede attributes to Hollywood, not one he's cosigning.

The people who market movies do think that little of you, which is why so few films like this are made.
apologies for earlier anonymous comment. didn't mean to do (but did) do the thing where someone says "race" and someone else says "no! sexual orientation sexual orientation sexual orientation!"
@7,@12 - Yep, that is indeed how the suits think, which is also why the red-hot Mr. Elba won't be playing James Bond. Sigh. Elba is the perfect choice for the next Bond - he is a very British star with great name recognition State side. But it ain't gonna happen, and that is a damn shame.

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