That's even more exciting, to me, than WKRP on DVD. West graduated from Whitman College, my alma mater. He also attended Lakeside under the name Bill Anderson (West is his middle name).
OH PUH-LEEZE is right.

How does one "besmirch" the story about a millionaire who dresses AS A GOD DAMNED BAT?

God forbid we have a sense of humor about it.
Ah yes, the Tim Burton Films. Brought dignity back to the Batman franchise, they did. Especially the second one.
Seriously, have those fans never actually seen Silver Age Batman comics?…

Yeah, there was always such great dignity inherent in what Grant Morrison once characterised as (paraphrased) 'We have complicated moral problems we can't solve so we dress up men in funny costumes and have them punch each other to decide them.'
Ah selective memory. Apparently these "purists" have completely blocked out the roughly decade-long post-Comics Code Batman that was so watered down from his violent pulp origins and given such ridiculous storylines (hellooo? Bat-Mite or Bat-Hound? Rainbow Bat-suit Batman?) as to make the TV series seem pretty tame in comparison.
Forget Batman's nipples, I want to see Robin's box.
does the Basement Tapes box set come with a Hot Wheels of Dylan's motorcycle?
Holy nostalgia, Batman!
No one would have given a crap about Batman by the 1980s without the TV series.

Miller's work on Batman was amazing, but you can't say Miller made Batman popular. After all, his work on Daredevil was equally remarkable, but no one cares about Daredevil other than Daredevil comic book collectors.
NYT shouldn't give Frank Miller that much credit. TAS did way more to reinstate Broodybat in the pop culture consciousness. (Also, Frank Miller is a goddamn hack.)

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