Public Relations is about as creative as Marketing. They both attract people who are not at all creative.

(I say that as someone who has, for many years, toiled in the fields adjacent to both PR and Marketing, and sometimes worked in those fields myself)

well it's not becoming apodments, so there's that...
Uhm, yeah; that'd be great.
@1 yes, and most architecture isn't really creative either, although it does attract creative types, and then slowly disappoint them.
Farming is creative. All the rest is just bullshit. Plant some seeds, bitches
aww, man - that would have been a great music venue!
Would a ground floor coffee shop be too much to ask? Yes we have a bazillion of them but that would be a really nice spot to sit, read and drink coffee (fire place, etc.)
Yeah, that's what we reported Tuesday here…

Nice work, Marc

Oh, also this:

Shapiro tells CHS a restaurant or cafe will likely take over the building’s 1,500 square-foot lobby, while he envisioned a bar moving into the 2,200 square-foot basement. The rest of the building will become “creative offices,” including the two 5,000 square-foot theater spaces and two upper floors of existing offices.
"The Harvard Exit, long considered the best place in Seattle to take in art films"

huh? ever set foot in the Grand Illusion? I don't know who this Mark Stiles is, but he sure channeled his inner dipshit when he wrote that.
@8 thanks that answered my question.
Speaking of being gentrified, what sort of offices are going in where the Bocker and Brown Buildings are ? Will Charles' desk be in the back of a Metro bus ?…
The auto row-era Bocker and Brown Buildings are slated to be redeveloped as a preservation incentive-boosted office project. As The Stranger crew would have to vacate for more than a year, Keck said he’s currently seeking a permanent home elsewhere.
1. giant windowless rooms seem like prime office space.
2. I'm so baffled by people's excitement that "at least they're not tearing it down". The exterior of the Harvard Exit is far and away its least redeeming feature.
Yeah, pretty much the same pig in a poke we were sold when the Oddfellows building changed owners. I think there are STILL unoccupied spaces in that building, so, you know, good luck with that Mr. Shapiro.
@12: The main theater has huge windows, but they're currently covered over.
Damn you North Korea! This means war!
Is the piano still there? Herbie Hancock played that piano one night in the 70s as the crowd was spilling. Nobody recognized him.
@7 Joe Bar is roght across the street, and it's one of Capitol Hill's best 'third place' coffee houses. Vivace is 1 1/2 blocks away, and Roy St. Coffee is 1/2 block away. So unless crossing Roy St. is too much of an endeavor, I think coffee shops are well covered for the area.

Now, banks on the other hand....
The Exit is a gem and will be very sad to see it go away, especially for SIFF and the LGBT Film Festival. Sure it needs work and perhaps a bar and restaurant would be nice amenities. But office space? The theater spaces would be great not only for film but also for concerts, lectures, readings, performance art and what not. If Town Hall, Cinerama, The Egyptian, King Cat and The Neptune can be saved then so can The Exit.

If you agree please go to and spread the word.
The Harvard Exit is a true gem and an asset to the Capitol Hill community, losing it would be a very disappointing loss especially for events such as SIFF and the LGBT Film Festival. Sure it needs some work and perhaps a bar and restaurant would be welcome additions but why can't the theaters be preserved not only for film but also for concerts, lectures, performance art and what not. If Town Hall, Cinerama, The Egyptian, The Neptune and King Cat can be preserved, then The Exit can be as well.

If you agree please go to and like and share.
wouldn't the way to have saved the exit to have been rousing ticket sales? it seems as if we have voted on the exit.

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