I think it was a corporate espionage group that North Korea hired.
Don't worry. If you still want to watch it, just log in to Sony's website as an admin (the password is "Guest1"), and find the folder called "The Interview - Do not Distribute or Steal".
well thats the war on terror won then.
Sen. McCain knows that the President should be doing.
Somebody with taste is pinning this on North Korea.
lawyers, man
I don't think this was ever really a movie.
I read another article that said Hollywood is pretty upset about Sony wimping out. I agree, I usually don't do comedies in the theater but I'd be more than willing to see The Interview just to help irritate Kim Jon Un. I'm kind of surprised that they didn't threaten to nuke the US over Team America: World Police.
Sony brought it upon themselves, as tkc will tell you. What were they thinking, that freedom of expression can't and shouldn't be curtailed by a butthurt dictator on the other side of the world? Sony has deep pockets, so it's okay, even if the actual filmmakers and stars now have to go into hiding indefinitely. that's what they get. Just ask tkc.
The phrase that gets me is a "9/11-type terrorist attack." I really can't picture how this could play out similarly to 9/11.
A rare moment where both the terrorists and the American public can both claim victory.

Like the pulse in Dark Angel.
Can we send in Dennis Rodman to work this all out with the supreme leader ?

Like they say, they heinous 'cause they ain't us.
Sony is a Japanese company. Remember how Japan invaded Korea?
Might be a factor -- not wanting to heighten tensions etc. Any one have an _educated_ fact-based opinion?
what if the CIA perpetrated the hack and threat because the plot in the movie hints at something already attempted or in the works vs N Korea? and they didnt want that info shared?
I'd like sgt. doom's take on this.

Someone in the morning might direct him to your request.
Lest anyone was previously under a mistaken impression, Sony isn't worried about how much money they'll lose as a result of this - it was after all only a year ago they watched stoically as the company's market value dropped by $2.2 BILLION dollars - more likely they're much more worried about having more of their internal correspondence leaked to the public showing just how stupid they think the people who consume their products really are.
In addition, there are probably more racist as well as homophobic and misogynist communications targeting A-LIst talent that would really bite them if it got out.
Probably either secret emails or vids indicated Sony execs mistresses


Massive corporate tax fraud

Can't think of another reason for Sony actions (caveat: used to hold about 800 Sony ADR shares)
I am sad I will not get to see dreamy Lizzy Kaplan on the big screen. Damn you, Kim Jong-un.
Sony has serious fiscal problems and it's a company organized in a country that in recent history treated Koreans as natural sex dwarves. You can't really retreat to the moral low ground and expect to survive.
In this post-Benghazi world, we can't risk distributing videos that crazed extremists might find offensive... is that the Fox News take on this ?
I don't understand the "Not Pictured Seth's emotional state" caption below the photo. Isn't that a picture of Sean Nelson?
Its unreasonable to expect a capitalist entity to have any principles other than profit.
@19/20, while you're correct that eating this movie's budget won't make a huge difference to Sony, it's still somewhat specious to assume the possible leak of more embarrassing emails is the primary reason why they're mothballing the movie indefinitely.

If Sony ends up making more decisions that appear to be an attempt to appease blackmail and head off more leaks, we may be onto something. But there's other highly sensitive data and info the hackers possibly possess that could explain Sony's actions as well. And let's not forget that threatening terrorism can work to prevent them from releasing the film for home viewing too. They could threaten to bomb Amazon for selling and streaming it, for example, or Costco for carrying the DVD and Blu Ray.
Sony should steal their own movie and release it to the interwebs where we can all watch it for free and North Korea can have a melt-down. Then, they should recut it, work in some musical numbers and bad costumes, release it a year later as "The Kim Jong-un Horror Picture Show" with lots of midnight showings and prizes for best audience sing-alongs and lip-syncs.

They'll make a mint.
@11- As much as this movie looked like warm feces you just stepped in barefoot, I still don't feel like a winner.
If anybody has any questions for me apparently the over active strawman of Matt from Denver can answer them for me.

PS. Just a heads up to the the underemployed shut-ins that compulsively hit the refresh button on SLOG: I forget you exist five seconds after I hit the submit button.
@23: treated Koreans as natural sex dwarves

Glad to hear I'm not the only one who fantasizes about Kim Jong-un serving me in that capacity.

I look forward to the Oscar nominated movie about this whole clusterfudge.
@30: "hey guys, just spending my time to let you all know that I read what you say about me, and have to respond, but you guys aren't worth my time!"
I may be just being overly cynical, but it's happened MANY times before...
Seriously, this would be a GREAT marketing ploy.

Multinational conglomerate gets employee in to make claim of against, in order to incite COMPOUNDED irrational fear in ignorant politicians (who are PROFESSIONAL FEARMONGERS) so they can wip up a media FEAR FRENZY in order to grab for more power and allow multinational conglomerate to inflate demand for product/service and raise prices when it is inevitably released.
@32 "I look forward to the Oscar nominated movie about this whole clusterfudge."

But it'll still just be a remake of a previous work...
If anyone thinks I've set up a straw man of tkc's positions, they are free to read what he wrote here and here and decide for themselves.
Those insidious North Koreans have hit us right in the dick-jokes. It'll be a sad Xmas indeed as millions are forced to re watch "Pineapple express".
Fix your teeth, get a haircut.
Maybe it was just someone who really hates both James Franco and Seth Rogen and was not-lazy enough to do something about it? LOL

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