We could definitely be more fair, so how does casting white people as black people help?
Wasn't lack of realism the reason Fox hated the idea of a black Santa? Facts and such. When it comes to your James Bond and your Santa Claus you have to keep a firm grip on reality and not start indulging yourself in improbable or preposterous events or situations.
Rush is right. A black man named James? Preposterous.
Ian Fleming wrote M as a male character, yet Judy Dench played M in 7 Bond movies. Idris Elba couldn't be any worse than Roger Moore's Bond.
Old white conservative is conservative. Boring. Elba would make a fucking killer bond. Guys got the attitude and poise to pull it off perfectly. And thats what matters most when casting, right?

@2 Waaaaay back in the early 80's the only black teacher at our all white elementary school played Santa every year. We all loved it, and no one (parent or student) lost their shit over it. It was totally innocent and I really do have fond memories of Mr. Whiting. I kinda figure if the same situation happened today at least one asshole would feel so culturally threatened as to call KIRO news in outrage. Because white traditions are under fire and all that.

Rush Limbaugh should be used as a ship's anchor.
@4: Said it in one.

I bet Rush also got bent out of shape about Denzel Washington playing Don Pedro in Much Ado About Nothing and Idris Elba playing Heimdall (a Norse god) in Thor. But I bet he's not upset about white actors playing Othello, a fictitious character whose blackness is intrinsic to the plot. Rush Limbaugh is a racist worm, nothing new.
White actors play Jesus all the time.
Although I've loved Daniel Craig as Bond in the last few movies, I think Idris Elba would make a fucking awesome Bond. Bond requires a certain charisma, which Elba certainly has.

The fact that the idea of a black Bond freaks out people like Rush Limbaugh is an extra bonus, so I'm totally behind it.
@8 wins.
Vodka? Well, yes, but the vesper martini is three parts gin to one part vodka. So saying James Bond drank vodka is like saying James Bond drank wine, because there's a bit of it in a martini.

Oh, and this.…
Of course Idris Elba can play James Bond . . . there was a reference to that in an episode of "AbFab" when Patsy came on to Elba with the pick-up line, "Has anyone told you you look like Sean Connery?"
@5 & 9: Agreed. His screen presence is fantastic, and I would love to see Elba as Bond. I say this as a huge Bond fan (though I am not a big Brosnan fan, and actually prefer Moore).
@8 wins, I agree.

What did Limbaugh say about Skyfall's black Moneypenny?
Ben Kingsley played Gandhi. So there.
Do Limbaugh get upset about Daniel Craig? Bond is supposed to have black hair. If he's all concerned with appearances... Oh, and Fleming had Bond smoke 60-70 cigarettes a day but Brosnan killed that trait. Where was Rush to defend tradition?

Kingsley is half Indian.
@18 hah I never knew that, thanks. So, half there.
@6 We wouldn't even have to add any ballast to that big tub of republican shit.
@21 The trash that listens to him are the voters that changed the rules in the mid-term elections. They actually went out and voted, most of them can't read or write but they voted. So let's try and get EDUCATED DEMOCRATS to vote and maybe this unfortunate debacle will not happen again. This country cannot afford to have a republican as president, it would be another bush debacle all over again, wars, banks closing up, car mfgs. going bankrupt, housing up the creek. Please vote for Hillary in 2016, get rid of the insane republican party and all their stupidity once and for all.
Why would you publicize Rush Limbaugh? Now I know this bizarre bit of drivel, and I read it on The Stranger. Possibly, you're having a hard time filling your slot here with your own content, or what?

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