It was a cool Theater. That said the seats were terribly old and uncomfortable and the sound sucked.
oh man, starting to feel really old with The Harvard Exit gone. I can still smell the Market Spice tea in the lobby from long ago....
25 years of great memories here. Crazy Krogstad parties. Meeting favorite actors. Getting to know the awesome staff.

HE was one of the main reasons I moved into the neighborhood. Being able to walk half a block to see a movie in that glorious old space was such a joy.

Another Seattle/Capitol Hill institution gone. Another gem consumed by short-sighted greed. I don't see much rising up to take the place of the character we are losing.

But hey. We got $60 a square foot aPODments! So. YAY, right?
Ran over to see the last showing of Theory of Everything at the last minute and might have been the last paying customer at the theater. R.I.P. Hope the ghosts haunt the hell out of the offices and craft cocktail parlors that replace it.
My best memory of the place was having to see Intimate Strangers with a friend that I regret having lost contact with. It was the movie that made me really dig deeper into French film.
it should be pointed out the that developer turning this theater into offices is also building micro-housing on the hill.

can we say gentrification?
The first movie I saw at the exit was "The Man Who Fell To Earth", This is a fucking tragedy and one of the reasons I settled in Spokane. Because, why not?

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