Though the film is filled with music...
So, how is the music, besides "folk-oriented?" Seems like something even a four-paragraph review could get into.
Stranger's new film reviewers seems to be competing with one another to see who can post a review without giving readers ANY hint at all about the movie. Plot, Direction, Mood, Style, Music, Acting, Meaning, Story, Cinematography, Costumes, Philosophy, Impact etc. are all concepts these reviewers have never heard of. I've read reviews of "kill them all" video games that has more substance. Hell, even the flappy bird reviews are way better. Why even bother. Just say: "If you want to know about this movie, go watch it!". Don't waste our time.

I will say if this is the same Johnny Flynn who records folk-ish music (like the album "Alarum"), he surely must be doing his own singing in the film, yeah? If so, I'd go see it just for that.
@3 You are correct (the director is a fan). The music is fine, but some of the lyrics grated on my nerves. @1 Do you like Jenny Lewis--with or without Rilo Kiley--or Johnathan Rice? That will help, and Flynn has a perfectly pleasant voice. Some reviewers have criticized his acting, but his performance worked for me. Scott Avett of the Avett Brothers auditioned for, and by his own admission, did not get the role.
He is not leaving for England. Accuracy.
@5 Indeed (I watched the film twice). When Franny asks, "When are you heading home?" James replies, "The day after tomorrow, right after the show in Philly." Home = England.

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