Damnit, I just killed my Netflix due to suckage too.
Sounds like a TV version of Blast From The Past.
Reminds me of "Don't Trust the B- in Apt 23" .

A few good episodes could be had, no real prospects for a run longer than 1 season though. How many jokes can you get out of something akin to "the homeschooled kid" stereotype ?
kemper is very dorbs, all the way to sqɹop, but the preview makes it look predictible and stale, the kind of freedom we need a police state for.
All shows are really about relationships; how the characters relate to one another and their world, and how the audience relates to the characters. Tina Fey makes good things and Ellie Kemper is ready to lead. This looks rad and I would watch it.
I think it looks hilarious. I'm signing up now for Netflix.
Kemper was great in the trailer to the extent that she made mediocre material sound much better than it was. Liked the apocalypse song from what little we heard of it. Hopefully the writing will get better.

@3, the Netflix suits liked it so much that they've already booked a season 2.
If Tina Fey is writing, it'll be good.

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