Forget the casting - just keep George Lucas far away from the screenplay.
Film is dead
How many boring white dudes named Chris do we need?

Chris Pine, Chris Pratt, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans.

They are basically interchangeable.
No, simply no.
I mean like at least with the Tom Cruise, Nick Cage, Brad Pitt generation of white dudes you had distinguishing styles.

I think Hollywood is deliberating avoiding creating new stars of that caliber because it means they can avoid shelling out the big bucks for huge stars and just get some new white guy named Chris.
You need a "For once, Hollywood should stop being such greedy pig fuckers and let Crystal Skull be the only desecration of this once-classic character" option.
Mr. Pratt is sucking SOMETHING out of that can, but it doesn't look like it's the whipped cream...
Yeah, I'm with @6, need an option for having no faith that they can do a good job, and wishing they wouldn't make any more.
No. The man is Simple Jack incarnate.
Where's the "let the franchise die while it still has some dignity left" option?

The original Raiders of the Lost Arc was one of my favorite movie experiences of my life. Maybe it was just perfect for me at that age at that time. I dunno. It was great, though.

But every Indiana Jones sequel since then has sucked, and sucked bad. I like Chris Pratt, and loved him in Guardians of the Galaxy. But please, please, please kill this idea of another Indiana Jones abortion.
Pratt could do it, and could do it well. On the other hand, fuck no to new Indiana Jones.
what @6 said. Crystal Skull murdered this franchise forever.
Yeah, really--where is the "get a frickin' NEW idea already, Indiana Jones is done" choice?
The Fantastic Four shouldn't be emo. How can they keep fucking it up this bad??

Really new ideas are pretty rare nowadays because of the huge amount of money that goes into making these movies. Investors would much rather spend $100 million dollars or whatever on a known quantity. Hence why the vast majority of big budget flicks are adaptations or reboots.
I won't be satisfied until they've remade Taxi Driver , The Godfather (I & II), Risky Business, and Annie Hall.

I mean, they need to be re-interpreted for a modern audience. It's just common sense.
@19, I think Casablanca is due for a remake: maybe with a romantic comedy interpretation?

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