"The suffocating ordinariness of pre-Amazon Seattle". Oh Charles....
About ten years ago, I taught a film class and showed Rebel Without a Cause, and happened to read an article that discussed Mr. Stern. I sent an email to him, and he agreed to come and speak to my class. I'm still blown away by this generosity and humanity.

I've again started teaching a film class this year, and I just finished showing Rebel again. I even mentioned his previous involvement to my students this year, but didn't try to contact him this time because, well, he was really old ten years ago and I didn't think he'd be up to it this time around.

It saddens me to hear of his passing. Thanks for the nice report. I hope that his friends and family know how wonderful he was. :)
A long time ago I cold-called Stewart when I learned he lived here and met with him on two occasions. He was incredibly generous, sharing his life story and so many wonderful bits of advice. Years later I took his writing class and he was just as sweet and giving as ever. I believe he told me Mary Pickford was an aunt, and he showed me a stack of letters she had written him. He lived a wonderful Hollywood life!

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