Well, a lot of Latins are white. Do you mean mestizo?
It's amazing how many people don't get that "Latino" isn't a race or physical characteristic.
You will be missed at The Stranger, Paul. Thank you for all the great work you have done.
So apparently Paul got fired within the last three hours. As sick as I may have gotten of the pulled-pork reports, it is beyond comprehensible that The Stranger would dump the last and most prolific vestige of the (quite recent yet irreparably overwritten) era when this paper was a force for cultural betterment in this town.

I haven't picked up a physical edition in months, and I doubt I'll bother checking in here routinely ever again.
@3, 4: oh no! This totally sucks. Paul, I hope you land in a better spot. Let us know where we can read your excellent work in future.
SJW lame ass extraordinaire fired, Seattle rejoices.
@6, SJW? That's what you've got? That's what you're going with?

I fear this will be the death of the Books section. Paul, you will be more than missed.
Who's going to be the anchor on the Stranger's speed eating relay team? Crap, Paul, I hate this. I've hugely enjoyed your work over the last, what, nearly a decade, now? Best of luck in whatever your next endeavor is. Saying "you'll be missed" doesn't begin to cover it.
Paul, thanks for all of your many articles! Best of luck to you!
Really sad to hear you've left (or been fired or whatever). Yeah, this could be the end of the books column. I've read many books because you've recommended them.
But, but, why? I am sorry to see you are leaving. And I'm running out of reasons to stay.
I logged into this account for the first time in 3 years just to say: Paul, I'm miserable you're leaving, and I wish you the best of luck. I loved your columns and this place won't be the same without you.
Christopher Frizzelle, or Kathleen Richards? Editor in Chief, or Managing Editor?

Who's the fool who fired Paul, and what the fuck is wrong with you??

Goddammit, Paul, this is horrible news. I hope your next job doesn't involve working for myopic, thankless idiots. (Too many do, but some folks win the job lottery, and if anyone deserves to, it's you.)
While the stranger has been losing much of its great talent and becoming a former shell of what it was, I for one will not miss Paul's whiny posts. Never before have I seen a geek of such self loathing who hated every nerdy thing he ever had to cover. And I still have not forgiven him for his terrible treatment and interview with Sir Terry Pratchett.
word on the street is that paul took a job with amazon.

just kidding, so long paul.
@15 How about that cringe worthy Bil Keane obit?
@17. Had to go back and remind myself of that. Forgot how much of a total douche Paul could be.
Not a fan of Paul Constant's film reviews or political commentary but it's still kind of sad/bizarre to see him go, especially considering he was at one recent point producing seemingly half of the Stranger's copy.

I wish someone at the Stranger would provide the public with some explanation of the tremendous turnover and changes of the past few years. Obviously its fine to keep personal issues etc. private, but clearly there has been a systemic/structural change. I grew up with the Stranger and am concerned about its future.
Good bye Paul, sorry to see you go.
@7 insufferable try-hard whiteknighting Gawker-wannabe smug-ass hipster eunuch.

Bit more succinct?

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