This is not the scene where Robin Wright mounts and aggressively rides Kevin Spacey while he sobs.


I guess I should have expected spoilers, but a warning still would have been kind. At least I bailed out before any big bombshells dropped.
I think it's a very informative documentary about how our system of government really works. We should show it in schools when teachers teach government classes.
House of Card is OK at best, if you ask me.

The "look right into the camera and explain the situation" schtick is just lazy, and it shows.
Have you seen or read George RR Martin's torture porn: Games of Psychopaths?
Wow, excellently written review. Not sure if it will help me make it through the second season to get to the third, though. I understand the reason behind the "immersion" quality (which you explain wonderfully, Megan), yet it is such a world I don't want to be immersed in, I find it resistible. No joy, no justice, just layers of cruelty we already suspect confirmed. Anyways, again, superb criticism.
@3: You must not have watched season 3 yet. He actually speaks into the camera very little this season.
I just hope the ultimate comeuppance is half so good as it was in the real series.
If Netflix had a heart they would release a season one episode a week. It's like your doctor giving you a whole month's painkiller and thinking you won't overdo it. It's like your girlfriend mounting you 6 times in an hour, leaving your prostate aching and your member forever shriveled.

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