A Brooklyn couple gets in over their heads in this screwball thriller, which takes cues from Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window and Woody Allen's Manhattan Murder Mystery. Director Lawrence Michael Levine plays Noah, a 36-year-old whiner who lives with his fiancée, Barri (Anna Kendrick look-alike Sophia Takal, Levine’s wife in real life). The bickering duo share an apartment with Barri’s best friend, Jean (Arrested Development’s fabulously freckled Alia Shawkat).

Just as Barri is trying to find work and Noah is worrying about his sperm count, his friend Anthony’s mother, Sylvia, drops dead. Anthony (the invaluable Kevin Corrigan), who’s been having money problems, reacts to the loss so strangely that Barri suspects he murdered Sylvia. Noah dismisses the thought, but then, he dismisses almost everything Barri says. That doesn’t stop her from conducting an amateur investigation while he drinks, flirts with his sort-of-gay ex-girlfriend Eleanor (Annie Parisse), and plays poker with his landlord, Damien (Jason Ritter), who has an even more volatile relationship with his “psycho bitch” wife.

The plot thickens when Anthony starts tailing Damien for some unknown reason. From time to time, Levine juices the intrigue with humor (a dub-intensive score elevates the tension), and that helps to keep things engaging, but man oh man, can these people be exasperating. recommended