You Won't Believe What MARTHA STEWART Said About JUSTIN BEIBER (NSFW!!!!!!!) click to skip ad haha JUST KIDDING the whole thing is an ad CONSUME REPRODUCE OBEY
I've always loved Martha Stewart. But I love her even more now.
@2: Took the words right out of my mouth.
...Is that really what passes as "Down and Dirty" and "Absolutely filthy" on Slog these days?
What is clickbait?
Okay, I will never be a Martha Stewart fan, but after that, I kinda despise her a little be less now.
You really think she is funny? Much less witty?
These things rely way too much on knowledge of who's currently enjoying their 15 minutes of fame. I recognized maybe half of the people on that stage. That joke she made about the guy no one has ever heard of could have easily been applied to anyone else on that stage and I wouldn't have known the difference. Or Natasha starring in a porn: for all I know, that's fact, because I've never laid eyes on her before. (Real credit to Vidme for having such good scrubbing capability in their player though, that helped.)
@8 same here, but I still thought it was hysterical. (The old Don Rickles/Sammy Davis Jr. et al. roasts were the same way: a few who are still famous/remembered, and a whole lot of "who?"s.)
Like Reverse Polarity, I've never been a fan of Stewart, but that was pretty damn funny.

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