Poor Ellen Burstyn! She sure is having a moment of getting typecast as the aged daughter of artificially youthful parents. First, she was Matthew McConaughey's improbably ancient child in Interstellar. This time, her mom's an immortal Serena Van Der Woodsen Blake Lively in The Age of Adaline, a movie that resembles a Taylor Swift music video, only with less charisma and lasting an hour and a half.

Starring Lively as a woman who stops aging after she drives her car off the road and some weird junk science gets word-vomited by an omniscient narrator, The Age of Adaline is a low-rent Benjamin Button, without the benefit of being based on an F. Scott Fitzgerald short story.

It's a clunky, luminous mess that ultimately suggests that a person who has lived to be more than 100, raised a daughter, traveled the world, learned a ridiculous number of languages, and had a lot of adorable pets hasn't lived until she finds a man. That is literally the plot of this movie. It is a thing Harrison Ford (boredly) says out loud!

Adaline's man turns out to be Daario from Game of Thrones, playing smooth jazz in his hip loft and blabbing about his successful app. His method of wooing? Actual stalking! Shockingly, this makes the movie's central love story deeply unconvincing. Still, Lively is pretty decent as Adaline. You heard it here first: Serena Van Der Woodsen is weirdly right-on as a clever old lady trapped in a 29-year-old's body!

But the real star of The Age of Adaline is exactly what you'd expect: The clothes. The clothes are SO PRETTY. You may not buy the story, and you may be sad you bought a ticket to see it, but you'll want to buy all of Adaline's clothes. recommended