The way Shields questions Powell and then questions his own questions is strangely exciting to watch.


I'm not real big on Shields. Kinda agree with Paul Constant's take on actually.…

The Thing About LIfe is that One Day You'll Be Dead was easily the driest thing I've ever read. Took me months to finish, though it was well written and interesting thematically. I also saw him live for a performance on Philosophy Talk down here in Portland and it was probably the worst broadcast of that show of all the times I've seen/heard it. Charles makes this sound worthwhile though and so I may check it out if given the chance.
This reeks of a masturbatory ego piece. As much as I appreciate Charles Mudede for being honest, I can't help but feel like he really likes this piece because he wishes he had written it. No offense, a masturbatory ego piece can be fun and even good art, just watch a Tarantino film, they're masturbatory, almost juvenile films, but the craft of them is impeccable. But I'd have to see this to believe that this is more than just a writer's version of watching porn of yourself.

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