Results looks, for a minute like another entry in Hollywood's ever-expanding catalog of schlumpy white guy wish-fulfillment films. When flinty bombshell Kat (Cobie Smulders) is hired as a personal trainer by miserable millionaire Danny (Kevin Corrigan), the immutable laws of heaven dictate that these two sad sacks, physical opposites though they are, will find unlikely respite in each other's arms. And they do, for a minute—a minute that aging, balding Danny promptly botches by being a total creeper. Kat's true match, we come to suspect, is Trevor (Guy Pearce), her boss and occasional lover, an affable health nut possessed of both a multi-pronged personal fitness philosophy and a gigantic, adorable pet dog. (Danny, of course, is a cat person. Fuckin' Danny.)

Andrew Bujalski is one of mumblecore's mumbliest directors, known for Funny Ha Ha, Mutual Appreciation, and most recently the excellent, underappreciated Computer Chess. Results is his most conventional film to date, but it's still not very conventional—it's as though Bujalski drew a handful of romcom elements out of a hat (meet cute! Opposites attract! Job that is also a metaphor for loooove!) and dared himself to string together a linear narrative. It's a romantic comedy, kind of, in the sense that it's funny and there's romance in it, but it doesn't look the way you'd expect; shots end abruptly, scenes unfold inconclusively or meander off. And while it flirts with the optimistic notion that exercise changes lives, it ultimately shrugs its way to the conclusion that it's probably fine if you'd rather just smoke pot and watch TV instead.

Results doesn't parody the personal fitness industry, exactly; rather, it introduces two physically perfect specimens whose obsessive devotion to their own bodies still hasn't allowed them to transcend the petty, annoying realities of being a person—even a person with a really hot bod. recommended