Victor (Rafael Spregelburd), the cynical Argentinian of the title, spends his days drinking, smoking, and scribbling in the dark. He must be a film critic! And he’s been at it for a while, since he conflates cinema with reality. “Films are suffocating me,” he laments. “I see the world like a huge movie.” (He even thinks in French, though the dialogue is in Spanish.) Victor, who dresses like a grad student in a blazer and backpack, needs to find a new place to live, but he’s broke, so when a producer asks him to write scenes for a script, he can’t afford to decline. He hates romantic comedies above all, because they’re shallow and predictable, but he falls into one when he competes for an apartment with Sofía (Dolores Fonzi), a beautiful kleptomaniac. He fights his feelings, but she’s a manic pixie dream girl. How can he resist? Fireworks, lines from Amélie, and scenes from Titanic ensue. Has love turned him into everything he hates? Or was he just living in a French New Wave fantasy until a real woman woke him up? Tellingly, debut writer-director Hernán Guerschuny got his start as a film critic. The disgruntled filmmaker subplot is clunky, but critiquing genre through genre is a clever conceit. recommended