Film/TV Jul 15, 2015 at 4:00 am

Gemma Arterton's Face Is the Only Thing Worth Noticing About Gemma Bovery

A plurality of Britons concur that Gemma Arterton is pretty.


Very similar to Isabelle Huppert. Her face can seem hard or plain yet you still want to see more.
Geez....a movie review thats all about the actresses looks....ugh...
When has Fabrice Luchini ever been funny or reasonably entertaining?
I trust, expect, and want Mr. Mudede to pontificate about whatever is closest to his thoughts after seeing a movie, and I am not disappointed. But I also think Ms. Arterton's face has qualities.
Deep Thoughts (about whether I think some girl is pretty) by Charles Mudede.
Why would anyone care about what some random writer thinks of any women's looks? Who the fuck are you? Women are human beings just as are men. You sound like a high school boy who has yet to get laid. Are you qualified to critique her performance? That would potentially be a valid topic for you to write about. Do you have the journalistic chops to get an interview. Would you ask questions about other than her clothing, hair, makeup and workout routine. You're an ass.
I think you’re missing the point of Mr. Mudede's writings, #6.

Our minds often get wrapped up in the mundane, and for writers, that tends to come out on paper. Not everything must be Micheneresque to be enjoyable.

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