Umm...That is Peele's actual skin tone. Awkward.....
Surprised some asshole Slog commenter hasn't remarked what a troll Dan Savage is. And boy, you'd really have to be an asshole to make such an idiotic remark, no? 8-)
I think the problem with blackface isn't a white person appearing as a black person per se.

The problem is that (a) blackface has a sordid history of being used to represent gross racial stereotypes of blacks as portrayed in minstrel shows, not actual blacks, and (b) blackface typically implies a stylized appearance (e.g. burnt cork, or shoe polish) conforming to those stereotypes, rather than any attempt for the performer to actually look like a black person.

Contrast with Key's performance, or other similar contemporary performances (Eddie Murphy is a classic example), in which the purpose is not to celebrate stereotypical appearances of white people (although usually there are some mild stereotypes involved, usually with regards to speech patterns), but to derive humor from either the concept of passing as white, or simply to give a black entertainer the opportunity to play a white role. For instnace, in the above clip, the message of the clip relies in no small part on the police officer being white (yes, there are minority police officers who are also trigger-happy against blacks, but there's not much room for such nuance in a clip like this).

Also, there's many more cases of Key and Peele portraying more stereotypical black characters in their show than stereotypical white characters.
Umm .. that's actually not Peele, it's Key. SUPER awkward ...
@ 4 - So sher-bear is right @ 1: it was Peele's actual skin tone in the skit. The "problem", of course, is Key's skin tone.
I'm a little confused. Is Dan calling out the Whiteface as problematic? I'm not sure that he is, but based on the comments that seems to be the takeaway. I think his headline is supposed to be sarcastic; i.e. "YouTube commenters" will be crying reverse racism, while ignoring the real problem raised by the skit.

Or maybe I'm misreading it (and obviously I think he could have been more clear); and if this is the case, then everything @3 said.

I took it to be sarcastic.
Looks to me like they lightened his skin a little, comparing to other videos where he's in/not in whiteface. And regardless, they altered his appearance in other ways to look white and play a white character, so I think it would still be called whiteface. And no obviously that's not offensive, not meaning to imply that.
And yeah obviously Dan was being sarcastic... because of his pretty clear political positions. Also, "problematic" is not really his kind of word, although I think he usually almost completely agrees with the points being made by people who do use it. In this case he was employing the term (which is used by folks interested in social justice) to lampoon ridiculous whites who think "reverse racism" is an actual thing on par with white racism.

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