The year 2007 saw the release of Juno, Waitress, and Knocked Up—all movies whose protagonists face unplanned pregnancies, but none seek an abortion, despite being in situations where it might be a good idea (see: high school, an abusive relationship, Seth Rogen). It was as if the filmmakers didn't think a movie about an abortion could be interesting. But last year's Obvious Child was evidence to the contrary, and so is Paul Weitz's Grandma.

In Grandma, teenager Sage (Julia Garner) faces the all-too-common problem of having to come up with a fuck-ton of money for an abortion, like yesterday. Enter her cantankerous SoCal queer poet grandma (Lily Tomlin), who wouldn't be out of place hanging out with Eileen Myles, and who's just cut her credit cards up into wind chimes. She's not particularly equipped to help, but she tries anyway, in what's half-madcap quest, half-straight-up depressing reality.

At times, Weitz's dialogue is thin, his world not quite as solid as it should be. But then Lily Tomlin says something like "Where can you get a reasonably priced abortion?" with the perfect grousing tone, and you realize you're watching a movie—finally!—about a teenager who has an abortion and turns out fine, and it couldn't seem more honest. recommended