Please tell me if it's torture porn, so I can avoid.
@1 - I haven't seen this one yet, but I will say that finding the line between torture porn and ... not torture porn is taxonomically tricky. TP is a subgenre of both body horror and slasher. Is The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (original, natch) torture porn? Is American Mary? Audition? I would say no, but some would argue the finer points. I would say Martyrs IS torture porn, but I have heard folks insist otherwise. Funny Games is especially confounding, I should think.

From what I hearing, torture, of a kind, does occur in the film. So if that's your trigger, there you are.
I realize, on reading that back, that it may have sounded snarky. Nothing could be further from my intent; I'm just a horror fan waxing horrific.
I saw it last night, and I'm afraid I wasn't impressed. It's gorgeously filmed, but it doesn't stay true to the universe it creates. There are scenes with the mom that don't make sense--why did she get naked out in the woods? (that's not a spoiler, btw, just something weird that happens) And the "twist" is...well, predictable. Enjoyed the acting and the cinematography, but all in all The Visit covers a lot of the same ground, and holds together way better.

But you know, glad you enjoyed it.
I saw this at SIFF, and I and friends loved it. It's not a US made film, so it doesn't follow Hollywood rules. The boys, are they one, or two? Think that Mom is not their Mother. If not, then what/who is she? If she is, then, the boys did a bad, bad thing. When 4 mentions Mom in the woods, well, it gives you a sense of who Mom is. It's not Torture Porn like Hostel, etc. It's not done for pleasure or satisfaction. Everything is in context. Questions are answered. And some not. Everything isn't tied up with a Pretty Bow. Like I said, it's not a Hollywood film. Enjoy.
I thought this was very bad, with an obvious twist, unclear rules about what was "a dream" and what was real, and shock cruelty.

It was, as some have said, a beautifully shot film. In places.

Ultimately poor, though. The OP is too complementary, but @5's comment takes the cake. If the cake read "Pretentious, Annoying, Spoiler-Filled Comment of the Year"

I imagine it's vanilla with lemon filling.
I can't believe the Washington Post, wrote this today… Even with a FULL "SPOILER WARNING". Is this common? Full movie spoiling???

Again WARNING, don't click, 100% SPOILER:…
@4 - I read the woods scene, afterward, as partially "Mom having identity crisis, not dealing with this or grief properly" … But who knows. Good points! Now I'll go see "The Visit"…
@ 1 Yes. Avoid...I don't understand why this and other reviews that I read prior to seeing made it seem that there was a bigger 'twist' than what I figured out in the first 10 minutes of the movie. I suffered through the rest of the film's, yes, gratuitous, violence to the horrible end, thinking(hoping) for the real twist. Yet it never occurred. On my way out of the theater,a ticket taker asked me with an earnest smile if I enjoyed the movie, and I just shook my head.

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