The star of this documentary is a town called Leith. It is in North Dakota. It has 24 residents. They are all working-class. One of them is black, and he is married to a white woman. The economic background to all of this is the twilight of the shale oil boom. Though it’s not mentioned in the documentary, the reason for the coming decline is the collapse of crude oil on the world market. And the reason for the collapse is Saudi Arabia is oversupplying the market. And the reason they are doing this is to bring shale oil production to an end.

One day, a strange man visits Leith. The man turns out to be a world-famous white supremacist, Craig Cobb. He has a plan. He wants to transform Leith into a white paradise. He has dreams of young blonde women settling and reproducing a super-race in this tiny part of North Dakota. He begins buying land and inviting white supremacists around the country to move to Leith. He also begins to terrorize the town’s 24 residents. They hate him and all the bad press he has brought to their little world. The one black man in town keeps a cool head as tensions between Cobb and Leith escalate.

But in the end, this documentary, which has the mood of a Hollywood thriller, is about a plan that failed. Only two white supremacist relocate to Leith (a lanky Iraq war vet, his ordinary-looking girlfriend, and her kids). The blondes in Cobb’s mind never show up. Some Nazis from Detroit visit, but they don’t stick around for long. What’s left for Cobb to do but make life miserable for his neighbors. Nothing hurts like failure. recommended