A rare pause between words for Michael Fassbender.


Steve Jobs was not a developer. Not a technologist. Not a creator.

Steve Jobs was a record producer.

The reason Jobs was not seen as "nice" or "humble" like many creative types is that he wasn't. He was a driver.

Like David Geffen he "stoked the star maker machinery behind a popular" device.

He encouraged and cajoled.
He begged, borrowed and stole.

Like Brian Epstein he took his (band's) work in a brown paper bag to the record store (PC store) and twisted their arms into selling his productions.

Even the name. Apple. Apple records.

Jobs was a professional. He found and developed talent. And he was well compensated like any good record company exec. The mistake is in thinking there is anything more there. There isn't. What there was to say has already been said. No extra award or historical references are needed (well, except to try and keep the AAPL price aloft until its inevitable cyclical crash).

#1....and that has what to do with the movie exactly?
#2: It has everything to do with the review that it is commenting on, i.e. myth vs. man.

Did you bother to read it?

All talk, tight location, little action. I'm guessing Charles didn't like 'My Dinner with Andre' either.
My guess is that Jobs' widow isn't in the movie because she doesn't want to be, and she has all of Steve Jobs' fortune to give anyone pause about writing her into a movie she did not want to be made.

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