Glenn lives! He has to live, in order to die another day. You know what I'm talking about.
That was pretty wrenching -- especially to go out like a chump. Trusting Nicholas to guide them at all? what B.S.
I will be pretty darned pissed if he's alive. This show broadcasts it's intentions to the audience so hard. To add a coy little "fooled you!" moment would just be another reminder that the writers think I'm just some blob, unable to feel emotions UNLESS INSTRUCTED TO WITH ALL CAPS!
Don't these blogs realize that most people watch the Walking Dead on Netflix and thus we are one season behind...and hence any article is essentially a spoiler.

I regularly have to police Facebook to keep these out of my streaming, but here you don't seem to have a "See Less of These" button for your posts.
I have to agree, Glenn needs to be dead. I sure as hell don't WANT him to be dead, but that was an inescapable situation. If he miraculously reappears, I'm gonna go all Kathy Bates in Misery on that bullshit.
@1 my theory is that they killed off Glenn so they could bring you-know-who on the show without the events of #100 hanging over the storyline the whole time. It frees them up to go in a different direction which they seem to like doing.
I hope Glenn is alive and Rick is dead.

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