In Buffy terms, it looks Cat Grant = Principal Snyder, Jimmy Olsen = Xander Harris, the sister who looks like ADA Claire Kincaid = Joyce Summers, there's probably a girl sidekick/best friend, and we're starting in the middle of season 4, with her working for the Initiative.
I wonder if Jeb! will be watching.
Any show which requires Calista Flockheart's reanimated corpse to utter the words "you'll do it because I'm hot" is probably not going to be good.
Why is it that women well into their 20s (Melissa Benoist, 27), 30s (New Girl Zoey Deschanel, 35) and even beyond see nothing askance at applying the appellation girl to themselves.

I saw the pilot months ago. It's been out there kicking around on file-sharing sites for awhile. I figured the producers put it up themselves to drum up word-of-mouth or something. It's not terrible, but it messes around with the whole Krypton/Superman legend a bit. In any event, it's visually entertaining fluff with some interesting casting choices.
@4 - If these women had written the scripts themselves, the answer would be "because they want to." In this case however, here's the explanation (short: Supergirl and Superwoman are different characters):…
Does she have..... never mind
I was only aware of this character from the Death of Superman story arc (which is largely best left forgotten, though I'll always have a warm place in my heart for the Eradicator). The fact that they are not going with a shape-shifting, telekinetic, invisibility-cloaked golem created by an alternate universe good guy Lex Luthor, alternately known as Matrix, is probably for the best. Even that short description sounds insane and convoluted.
@4 not to mention, in real life, we call attractive women under 40 (and some over-40 women) "girls" all the time.
@4, women in Hollywood have to pick their battles wisely. Compared to many of the things they get called, 'girl' is just annoying.
I watched the pilot, and enjoyed it more than enough to keep watching. But unless we have an entirely unknown alternate definition of "standout," I can't say that it should be used in relation to Callista Flockheart's performance. Oh, yes, it stood out, all right. Painfully.

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