Not to worry. I'm fairly sure we have another world war coming up in the not too distant future.

The housing in this neighborhood, like the housing in all neighborhoods, is priced according to supply and demand. Demand has increased.

Nice write up Charles, nice clear explanation of how macro-social forces steer individual and how they need to be checked by institutions. Literally you're not hating the players you're hating the game :)
I am very confused by your writing on Seattle gentrification. A few weeks ago it was all a bright shiny future according to you and today you want to address the issues.
White people bad!
Charles, the word "gringo" is a racial slur.

It is fine to use racial slurs when quoting people who use them, that is journalism. But it is not fine to continue using them yourself outside the quotes, that is racism.

Please recognize your own racism. Please try to be less racist in the future.
@6....Charles Mudede has always been rude toward groups of people he looks down. Usually he is belligerent toward people of the small rural towns but also of the urban areas surrounding the larger cities he likes such as Seattle or Portland, the hipper and cooler the better. Recently he tried writing something positive about Everette but it just didn't come off as sincere. He looks down his nose at them.
Neighborhoods have evolved since neighborhoods existed.

How would you stop change, Charles? Join the Tea Party?
+1 to the racial slur comments. Also, I know white people who lived in the CD and neighborhoods like Rosedale, Queens, but were forced out by racial violence back in the 1960s. Should we ask them what they think of gentrification?

I agree.

Complaining about neighborhood change is silly.
@9 Correct. Yet 9/10 articles the stranger runs on the subject focus on disparaging the gentrifiers (gringos) as if they are the problem rather than an honest look at the real issue at hand - why are the minorities in these neighborhoods being left out of the economic resurgence?

Gentrification is a racist concept only applied to white people (gringos) and more importantly, a distraction. NIMBYism and anti-urbanist forces (property owners voting against density to preserve their property value) work against increasing supply while structural racism and 8 million other issues work against a more equitable sharing of good jobs and opportunities work against the minorities being forced out of newly-desirable locations. But let's just keep vilifying the young white folk who have the means and the completely outrageous desire to live near where they work; I'm sure that'll turn things around. Fuckin' gringos.
The businesses in Little Saigon have been told their leases won't be renewed once it expire in the next year or two. No more bubble tea and Vietnamese sandwiches. Viet Wah, Tamarine Tree, Lyn's.. all have to leave. G'bye Little Saigon; and possibly the whole International District will be gone. I can't think of this as an improvement to our city.
Jesus christ people, reverse racism doesn't exist. You can't be racist against the dominant culture, because they're dominant.

Anyway, this passage is ambiguous:

"In London, it was a series of pro-market revisions to a 1947 planning act that, in the spirit of postwar Keynesianism, was more favorable to public enterprise than private enterprise..."

Were the revisions more favorable to public enterprise, or the original act?
virtually any other thing that displaces people is widely regarded as bad: religious persecution, natural disaster, war, illness, etcetera.

but market forces? that's basically like god himself ordained you should move into a car-centric sprawl
Neighborhoods always change every few generations. It's not unexpected. The neighborhood doesn't belong to "The People". They just live there. Neighborhoods are owned by the people that own land and buildings. They have the right to Rent/Sell to whomever they wish. And, if their building isn't Rent Controlled, charge what they want. One can't bar a certain Race or Class from moving into the neighborhood. Jackson Heights is going to change. Remember, it was built for Middle and Upperclass people. Now it's going back to that. Doesn't make it wrong. It's just a change in the times.
I guess I miss that old Seattle, "will the last person to leaving Seattle please turn out the light's." (1971).

About that time, the McCleary v. State invention came into effect. Paramount Duty, to get your brains sucked out, and pay a $100,000.00 Daily Taxpayer Fine, still looking to elect someone who passed thew 8th grade (1940) civics class.

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