Beauty and the birds in the The Birds.
Beauty and the birds in The Birds.

For the next Puget Soundtrack, excellent ambient musician Madeleine Cocolas takes on the iconic Hitchcock horror of The Birds. Here's what we had to say about Cocolas from an article published last year:
Straddling the amorphous border between classical, ambient, minimal, and drone music, Cocolas's ... pieces offer an amazingly diverse, panoramic trip through sonic realms both welcoming and disorienting. When she lived in Melbourne, Cocolas had a job sourcing and licensing incidental music for Australian TV, and her soundtrack background comes through strongly in her work, which at times approaches the dystopian menace of John Carpenter's scores while resembling Cliff Martinez's synth-laden space oddities at others.

Here is what Madeleine Cocolas had to say about The Birds, a movie, by the way, that does not have a conventional soundtrack:

I have always loved The Birds, from Melanie Daniels' immaculate wardrobe, to Mitch Brenner’s casual arrogance, to the side glances that Melanie and Annie Hayworth throw at each other... The more I thought about [the movie], the more I thought it would be fun to add music that was an unexpected fit with the film and that didn’t follow typical horror conventions or reference the film’s distinctive era. My hope is to achieve a certain uneasiness and tension from the juxtaposition of the perfectly put together horror film from 1963 against an electronic reverb-laden score from 2015.

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