Yes, please, let's talk. No one I know has watched it. I saw a passing comment on facebook about it and watched it when I was home from work with a cold. It is a thing. I wanted a different ending, but expected the ending and the ending isn't an actual end, is it? I want to discuss!
Well talking about Kratz.... "I'm the guy with the $350,000 house. I'm the guy with the six figure income. I'm the prize."
Ewwwwww! Yuck! His voice drove me insane!
i don't even OWN a tv!
@3 Then watch it on your damn laptop/phone/tablet with your friend's Netflix password!

This series was incredible. So frustrating. I remember thinking the case stunk to high heavens back when it was happening, and knowing the inner-workings, I'm sadly right. Poor Steven, but most of all, poor Brendan. My god, I can't get over what they did to him. Steven isn't necessarily the most sympathetic person because of the cat thing, but he didn't deserve to be locked up for 18 years for a rape he didn't commit, nor does he deserve to spend the rest of his life in prison for a murder he didn't commit. UGH.
i grew up about 45 mins from where this occurred and they do a pretty decent representation of the area and people. this show raises my blood pressure too much. there is no way that AG in wisco wont do something about this, its too much of a black eye for the states law enforcement. the people involved are FUCKED.
These series is so captivating and gut wrenching! I watched it two weeks and ago and I need to talk to someone about it! Christopher, lead the way.
ugh. this series is fucked in so many ways. Watching Brandon's confession and the way he was coerced into saying those things.. It was clear he didn't know what the hell he was talking about! after he confessed he asked to go back to school! cut to the DAs dramatic reading the confession for the news cameras with all those embellishments was sickening. I don't know who killed her, but one thing for sure is that kid is innocent.
I'd want to talk about how if you aren't smart and are poor, your life can be thrown away like garbage, and that that is maybe not a random failing of the system (education, police, the courts. power) but is really just how these things actually work.
I finished the series but came away with another impression. I felt that we was guilty but a lot of evidence was planted to bolster a conviction. I also felt that Dassey's defense lawyer should be disbarred for mis conduct. Kratz got his comeuppance. But I didn't share that idea with very many people because the trial in itself was such a perversion of justice.
The other day I found this article online that spells out what my impression was, but with more detail.
Please read this article…
The series did a great job of demonstrating how those with out means, education or out right learning disabilities are exploited by law enforcement and that should be front and center as we examine the public's roll in confronting police misconduct.

This story makes me so angry in regards to so many of the key players. I firmly believe Avery was set up in response to his Civil suit and his nephew Brendan was used, abused and manipulated.

At any rate, what's up with Judge Willis? Can we say corrupt much? What a lousy judge...doesn't follow the rules of justice. Shame on him for not demanding better representation when initially requested for Brendan other than that grinning idiot failed politician.

What about Bobby we even believe he left to go hunting? Was he ever considered as a suspect?

Why do they always state that someone was the last peson to see someone alive? Such a stupid comment. It is so irritating when the authorities sink their teeth into someone and develope an avenue of possibilities, then just stop there and look no further. If you get justice, you have to have the money and/or prestige. For God's sake, don't be poor or mentally deficient in any way and don't buck up against law enforcement. Avery should have just left the area when he was first released.
I just finished episode 5- so I am into the murder trial. I have many questions but the one most on my mind now is....why did the police officer Colburn call Dispatch WITH Teresa's license plate number to have it ran? What possible reason would he have to make that call? Did you see his body language? Very uncomfortable during questioning, he clasped his hands in an awkward motion and appeared to me that he dropped the volume in his voice. His testimony is close to 55:00. Another question...... does anyone else agree with the defense attorney and think that Pamela Sturm, the lady that found Teresa's car lying? NBC is going to air a show later this month, it will be interesting to see how they present the case vs Netflix.
@12 - Yeah, this is the biggest unanswered question in the entire series for me. Colburn MUST have been looking at the missing vehicle when he called the plate in. Fine... I'm willing to believe the cops found the car in the junk yard a couple days before the search team "found" it and were doing honest police work in between those times. But I've since read that the license plate had been removed from the vehicle when the search team found it. The plate was found in a different car in the junk yard. So somebody had to be messing with the car between those two times.

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